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Colectivo de DJ

DJ's Collective es una red de creativos de diversos orígenes y medios artísticos. Esta oportunidad brinda exposición, venta y recursos comerciales gratuitos para todos los miembros. 

Brandon Captures (Photographer)

   As a full-time photographer and creative entrepreneur, Brandon C. Ballard has been opening doors and perspectives for others before even taking the leap himself in 2017.  Having no shame in being an HBCU dropout, Brandon's mission has always been to use his crafts and connections to develop educational systems for those who need it most. 

    He has an extensive history of facilitating workshops for youth, business owners, and creative dreamers in his hometown of Philadelphia, aiming to cultivate connectivity and influence collaboration between people who don't get lucky enough to eat at the same table.  Brandon has built relationships with brands such as Radio One, Entercom, PECO, and Temple University, and has notable features such as capturing back to back Milano Di Rouge fashion shows and being recognized on live television for community service from Quincy Harris on "TheQonFox." He is a servant leader who has shared his testimonies of failure and self-discovery to diverse crowds of youth and aspiring entrepreneurs within and beyond Philly's boundaries.

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