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Event Planner Internship

As a fully operational legal business within the State of Maryland, DJ's EP does not represent hatred, racism, sexism and/or homophobia. All applications are reviewed and approved based on qualifications. Applications are accepted all year round. You will be notified through email of your progression through the application process. For any further questions, please email

Program Description 

Schedule & Working Hours 

Interns are expected to set their own work schedule to perform the assigned tasks and duties. Attendance is mandatory for all virtual calls, client meetings and events. Interns can schedule additional meetings and calls during CEO office hours. Further details are provided upon acceptance of the internship program.

DJ’s EP internship offers direct insight on day to day operations regarding communications, social media management and business operations. The internship provides guidance and instruction on how service professionals engage and execute the brand’s mission with our customers. The intern will provide direct support to the CEO of DJ’s EP in which they will provide the following services outlined below.

Roles & Responsibilities 

Tasks include but are not limited to the following:


- Assist in preparing and coordinating all logistical aspects of company sponsored events

- Assist in communications involving event management including, timelines, calendars, reports

- Request estimates, reach out to vendors, and interact with all departments within the company

- Assist in establishing and developing relationships with vendors

- Coordinate site selection, logistical arrangements, purchasing supplies, & promoting events



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