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3 Things You Need to Know Before Planning Your First Event

If you are not an inspiring event planner or maybe you are and this is your first time dipping your toes in the industry, your first event could make you or break you. Let's say you're planning for a business event. Or your friend's vacation overseas. Or maybe a brand launch. No matter the occasion, there are three simple, yet important things you NEED to know before planning your first event.

Do I want or need to make money from this event? This is the most important question you should ask yourself when you are planning your first event. The answer will determine many of the choices and logistics of your first event. For example, if your answer is no then perhaps you would consider low-costing or free venues. Maybe you would also have a set amount of guests attend your event. Knowing if you want to make a profit from your event ahead of time, will allow you to make strategic moves throughout your process. Tip: Write down the vision for your first event and put an estimated amount next to each expense, vendor, venue, decorations, etc. Tally up the total and then ask yourself this question: Am I willing to invest this amount into my first event without any return? Still unsure? Follow up with this question: Is the value that I'm providing worth the invest for my business or for myself?

What is the ultimate goal for this event? The answer to the question will help you develop the theme, the level of involvement, the details, the decor, the vibe, everything you need to confirm for your first event. When I planned my very first event in 2014, my goal was to promote new artists, entrepreneurs and curate a setting where people can enjoy live entertainment. My goal led me to assemble a team of recruiters and media personnel. What do you want your attendees to leave with? Whether it's something tangible or not, the answer will help you formulate a schedule or outline of your first event.

Who is my target audience? This is another very important question for you to know so that you can figure out how to market your first event. Knowing your target audience would determine the platforms you use to market your event. It would determine the cost needed to market your event. It would determine if you need to outsource your marketing campaign or hire a publicist for your event. Having a publicist would maximize your exposure and grant you double the rewards after your first event. One of my biggest business regrets is not having a publicist for Art Undiscovered III. I won my first big deal with a sponsor and they gave away concert tickets at my event. Now the only people who know about that are the event attendees and myself, whereas, I could've gained more visual attraction with a publicist.

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