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3 Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway

Are you trying to make a good impression? Are you celebrating a beautiful moment or milestone? Or are you trying to make it to second, third or fourth base? Check out these awesome tips and tricks to executing a successful romantic getaway.

First, start with travel dates. If there is a special occasion or event happening, be sure to book your getaway arrival and departure dates surrounding that date. For example, if you're celebrating an anniversary on the 5th, your arrival should be a day or two before the 5th and your departure should be a couple days after the 5th. You want to be sure that you are celebrating your special day when you are already at your destination. Also, if your special date lands on or near a holiday, take advantage of that opportunity by staying additional days.

Second, you will need to do some research on your partner. Find out what new product they have been raving about, what experience has he/she been talking about? What's on their bucket list? What are their favorite hobbies, foods, drinks, colors, books? Every detail matters and it counts. Trust me. Spend a week or two making a list of all the needs and wants your partner has at the moment. Don't tell them what you're up to, just ask questions casually and don't let them suspect a thing. If your lady loves the color pink, coordinate with hotel guest services to decorate the room with pink flowers, pink balloons, pink candy, pink towels, pink everything. Or if your man has a vintage style, try to find hotels with that common theme or look. It's all about the details. During your research, find ways throughout your trip to incorporate and include those details.

Third, search Groupon, or other trip planners for deals, excursions, and activities for you and your partner. Unless you and your partner are 'go with the flow' easy goers, then you should plan your itinerary months in advance. Be sure to factor in weather conditions, bills due, and plan for contingencies.

If you find any of these tips helpful and useful, let me know and share your tips or experiences.

BONUS: Here are some activities to plan based on some common interests:

Common Interests



Horseback riding, aquarium, zoo, puppy shelter, animal farm


Food tasting, Cooking class, Restaurant hopping,

Arts & Crafts

Pottery, sip & paint, Jewlery making class,


Road trips, hikes, waterfall visits, flower garden,


Sewing class, thrift store, fashion haul

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