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5 Signs You Should Become an Event Planner

Are you super organized and detail-oriented with your notes and tasks? Are you considered 'the plug' for knowing almost every business for any service? Are you an extrovert or love the vibe of people being together? Are you a leader who is able to delegate and build a solid team? or Are you a thinker who has creative ideas and ways to celebrate any occasion?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should look into being an Event Planner. I get asked the same question after every show I've curated, 'Shawna, how did you put all this together?' My answer is simple, I had an idea, I organized my vision on paper, built a team, reached out to my creative community, and delivered a vibe for all to enjoy. I utilized skills that I already had and used my passion of promoting entrepreneurs in my community as the basis of curating events.

Being an organized person is one of the best advantages you can have in any industry. If you can organize your thoughts, you can create an outline of your project from start to finish. Let's say you have a great idea in mind for a friend's birthday celebration. If you're first thought is to WRITE down your thoughts or even a to do list, you are already giving event planner vibes. Organization is KEY to event planning and you must take notes for everything.

Do your friends and family always come to you for referrals and suggestions? If your answer is yes then you are the plug and you don't even know it. Take advantage of having that community. Even if you know businesses through word of mouth, NETWORK. Introduce yourself and tell the business that you appreciate their services. CONNECT with them. Ask them what they're struggling with in their business, get to know their business and how you could help them using your skills. The point is to build a community and deeper connections with the business you support day to day.

When you attend other events, do you find yourself enjoying the moment and appreciating every aspect of the event? No matter what, you just enjoy the feeling of being out with your friends and family. It's the vibe that counts, right? Or do you find yourself thinking of what you could have done to make the setting better? If your answer is yes, then you are giving event planner vibes! Don't underestimate the power of your vision. Even if one person attends your first event, that one person needed that theme of yours, they needed that vibe and will be sure to tell others. We all have to start somewhere, but first think about the vibe.

How often do you find yourself leading the pack, delegating tasks to your coworkers, colleagues, family and friends? How often are you nominated to be the leader of the group? If you find yourself saying 'quite often,' then you are destined for greatness! You have the power to execute projects with a solid team and delegate tasks to accomplish goals.

Lastly, if you constantly think of creative ideas and ways to celebrate any occasion, then you should definitely be an event planner. Creativity and proactive thinking go hand in hand in event planning and are also the best advantages. Your ability to think of innovative ways to curate an idea is the main reason why you should be an event planner. If you're still unsure, try an internship with me!

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