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How To Monetize A Skill You Already Possess

Let me start by saying that entrepreneurship isn't for everybody. In no way is this post meant to persuade you to quit your job and build your own business. I'm simply pointing out some of your skills that you may not even realize you have and showing you opportunities to make money with that hidden talent.

If you are an entrepreneur, then this is the perfect blog post for you. Even if you are not an entrepreneur but you're looking for ways to make money on the side, then this is also the perfect blog post for you. So first let me ask.....Are you ready to make more money?

When I was in high school, nearly 10 years ago, I worked at Old Navy and Michaels Arts & Crafts store. Even though I had two incomes, for whatever reason it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more streams of income so that I can save and provide for myself. I was raised by a single mom and although she was a superwoman with taking care of me, I wanted to help by not having to ask for anything. So, during my down time when I wasn't in school or at work, I would have arts & craft sessions in my room.

So wait, let's pause for a second...

Were there any family members or friends that taught you a skill or something that you developed a passion for? For example, my dad used to sketch drawings for me and I used to try and replicate them or practice with sketching. My uncle taught me how to sew with a needle and thread. Because of that, I took Fashion as an elective class in high school and learned how to use a sewing machine. My aunt taught me the beauty of interior design back when Pier1 was the top tier store of home decor. My mom taught me the power of organization with journals and planners. My cousins taught me how to use the cheat codes in GTA and how to reach five stars.

Maybe some of your aunts, uncles, cousins, friends or parents taught you something that you forgot you even knew how to do; whether it's knowing how to knit, draw, sew, skateboard, magic tricks-anything that's a unique skill to you. Think about what you used to do that brought you joy in your moments of solitude. Did you read? Did you train for a pageant? Did you cook or bake? Did you redesign your room? Did you plan events for your friends? Did you create potions and concoctions for your skin regime? Did you watch sports with your friends? Did you host tea parties with your friends? Did you go window shopping? Did you listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos? Did you play video games?

All of these may seem random but there is a hidden skill in each of the activities mentioned above. For example, I went to the mall with my grandma and great aunt one weekend and they showed me how to shop for the sales. If this was you and you genuinely enjoyed the thrill of good sales, then you could be a personal shopper. You could shop for others for multiple reasons. Remember, people love convenience and it's all about the pitch and the marketing of your skill. If someone told me that they could revamp my summer wardrobe for under $100 with staple pieces, I would gladly give them my money.

Even if you played video games all day, that's a skill itself and people (mainly guys) would pay to watch you play. People would subscribe to watch you accomplish missions, use cheat codes, and pretty much entertain. There are platforms such as Twitch and Youtube that could help you kickstart this new venture.

So, going back to my arts & crafts sessions in my room...

Because of the skills I learned in high school and from my uncle, I've converted denim jeans into purses, I added camouflage sleeves to denim jackets, I made a summer top out of scraps from my prom dress, I made waist beads, anklets, arm bands, head pieces and more. So boom, I have all of these creative pieces and I start to wear them in school (face palm). Can you imagine a denim purse with a scarf as its handle? Yes, I was rocking that in high school but people were rocking with me. Or maybe they were just being nice. Either way, it gave me the confidence to keep practicing and trying new things. I soon discovered that the money maker was in the waist beads. I ended up turning this skill into my first e-commerce business that you can read more about in How I Fell Into Event Planning.

Fast forward, I now own an Event Planning business with new graphic design services. As a graphic designer, I offer digital self-portraits, flyer designs, photoshop edits, templates, and more. Why? Because I have a passion for design and I've always harbored the skill to sketch and draw masterpieces.

When you decide to monetize a skill, keep in mind that it does take much more work to see profit when you are just starting. Marketing and planning is EVERYTHING. If you need help with strategy and just getting your mind organized to start, book a Visioning session with me and I will help you start off on the right track.

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