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Now is the time to join the CEO Work Day Group

If you have been following me for the past two weeks, then you may have noticed me pushing out the CEO Workday group. I have some exciting things planned for the group members and other creative entrepreneurs in the community.

The CEO Workday group is a free coworking space for entrepreneurs to connect with other business owners, work on business related projects and tasks, and to also seek advice or collaborations. Now offering a virtual attendance option, business owners from various areas are able to connect while also having dedicated time to work ON the business.

In Spring of 2023, DJ's EP will host a CEO Workday Event for the entrepreneurial community. Business owners will be able to connect on a larger scale while also having the opportunity to work within different workstations focusing on:

  • Photography/Content

  • Branding/Styling

  • Business Work & Mentorship

  • Panel Discussion (Finance, Business Development, Marketing, and Mentorship)

There will be additional activities such as lunch and the Networking challenge, in which winners will receive prizes. I'm super excited to present this event to the community and the best part is that it's FREE. Yes, free!

Join the CEO Workday Group to stay informed and up to date about the group activities.

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