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*Sigh* I'm Over It...

Do you ever feel like you just aren't doing enough in your business? Or do you ever feel like you have been holding yourself back in your entrepreneurship journey? What about feeling like you just don't have any support for your business? If you have answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you my friend are not alone. These feelings are completely normal and common for most creatives and entrepreneurs, especially during the beginning and growing stages. It's ok to feel like this but it's not ok to not find a solution. If you or anyone you know experience any of these entrepreneurial pains, here are some ways to combat them and find support:

  1. Join a mentorship, cohort, or an accelerator program. This is by far the best way to find a network of business owners to connect with and learn from on a personal level. There are many different mentorships and accelerator programs that focus on different aspects of your business. For instance, Innovation Works and Miller Center Boost Program is one type of accelerator that focuses on business fundamentals, business strategy, social impact and a path to growth for Baltimore based non-profits, for profits and hybrid social enterprises. Do research to find your local community organizations and businesses that provide these programs.

  2. Network. Simple. Place yourself in rooms your future self would NEED to be in. Find local events through Eventbrite, Instagram hashtags and pages, word of mouth, Facebook groups or even my website. Identify your current goal within your business and plan out the type of people you can learn from and think where would they be? What type of event would they attend? If you can't find any events that would host your potential business connects or clients, then CREATE the space yourself.

  3. Join DJ's Collective. The Collective is a community of creatives from all mediums. We host Photographers, Fashion Designers, Musicians and more. DJ's Collective platform provides brand exposure and networking opportunities. Additionally, as a bonus Collective members have UNLIMITED and FREE access to DJ's Business Resource Library. The Library currently holds several tools relating to grants, setting up your business to receive funding, and more. For more information on how to be part of DJ's Collective, click the button below.


Client Corner

A few blogs back we mentioned an upcoming event in November 2022, in which vendor applications are now live. We want you to learn more about the organization A Healthier You, Inc. and their yoga events this month.


What's New With DJ's EP?

Did you join the first Office Hour on Instagram Live? If not, you can catch the replay in the link below. Drop a comment or a question that you want me to address on this week's Office Hour.

The next Office Hour will be Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

As you will see in the replay, I will be addressing all questions regarding "How To Save $10k With The Budget Template" E-book. In this guide you will learn about real world solutions to your financial problems and ways to manage your budget on a daily basis. You will learn how I created the budget template and why I created it. You will learn from personal experience how I budgeted, saved and invested my money to obtain $10,000. Grab your copy before the next live so you can ask me anything related to your budget or the E-book itself. Psssst! I've upgraded the E-book and you're the first to know. It's on sale right now for 25% off only until Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022.

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