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The Cat Is Out The Bag...

Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, tell your colleagues, tell everyone!

If you are not following A Healthier You, Inc. then you are already missing out. Yesterday afternoon, A Healthier You, Inc. announced its first Ultimate Self-Care Sunday Event. This event will be a rewarding experience for both men and women seeking information, tools, resources and holistic approaches regarding health.

The event will be held at The Creative Saints Loft on Sunday, November 6th, 2022. DJ's EP is the Event Planner for this event, and I am super excited to be part of such an extraordinary vision. A Healthier You, Inc. & DJ's EP have put together a fun filled, relaxing and informative itinerary for people in need of changing their perspectives on health and wellness. For more information about the event, tickets and the organization, please check out the link below:

We are still accepting vendor applications, in-kind sponsorships and event sponsorships. Please click your interest below for more information:

If you need more information on ways, you can contribute and be part of this amazing experience, download the PDF below:

USS Event Proposal - Ways You Can Support
Download PDF • 52KB

We thank you for your support, your encouragement, the shares and the repost. We hope to see you in November!

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