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The Power of a Flower

When you think of a flower, what comes to mind? Some may say the colors, others will say the smell, but have you ever thought about all the benefits that having a floral arrangement can do for your mood or an event? Flowers have been scientifically proven to boost your mood. It is believed that they release dopamine along with other mood boosting chemicals into our brains. Flowers are also known to encourage socialization and creative thinking. Imagine attending an event and with the simple addition of flowers, you instantly feel happier, engaged, and relaxed. Of course, you must remember the physical benefits of floral arrangements. Flowers add class and elegance to any setting. It can take a dull space and make it vibrant and full of life. Many people assume that you must have extravagant decorations to take an event to the next level, but it is amazing how something so simple can offer so much more.

What's New with DJ's EP

WE HAVE AN INTERN!!!! DJ’s EP is so excited to announce that we have our very first intern who will be working closely with me over the next several months. Operating a business can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I love what I do, and I put love into everything I do. I am so excited to now have someone who is just as enthusiastic in taking DJ’s EP to the next level!

Client Corner

As many of you know, I offer free advertising for you to highlight your business/brands on my website. All I ask in return is that you let me know when clients book with you through the advertisement posted. I want to give a HUGE shoutout to Taylor Crawford. If you do not know, Taylor is one of the best photographers you will find in the DMV. Recently, Taylor has received 10 new site visitors as shown below through DJ's Collective website feature! I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to promote yourself on the website to gain more traffic! The submission form can be found under DJ's Collective.

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