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Three Fragrances for Different Occasions

I know I can't be the only one that pairs my fragrance with the occasion. For example, if I am going to an upscale restaurant, chances are I will wear a very soft and light fragrance so that I'm not overwhelmed by what's coming from the kitchen. Pairing also helps me feel confident and prepared for whatever is to come. If I'm going to a concert that's outdoors, I will wear a heavy fragrance to cancel out the "outside" smell. These simple pairing preparations help me stay focused on whatever the focus is for that occasion without having to worry about other scents attaching on to me.

Here are some of my top three favorite fragrances, that just so happen to be on Harper's Bazaar's list of "The 19 Best Perfumes of All Time." Not for the season or for the month but of all time. This is how you know that these fragrances can truly make an impact on your mood, your surroundings and your first impression.

First up is Chanel No. 5., ironically ranked number 5 on Harper's Bazaar list. Its scent is described as the most infamous, with a heavy May Rose and Jasmine base. For this fragrance, I would pair this with the following occasions:

  • Outdoor concert, gathering or any social event, conference, tradeshow, or art showcase

You can find this fragrance at your nearest Walmart and Ulta with a price range of $90-$165. Consider this as a luxury fragrance that will provide quality and value to your existing collection. If I had to describe this fragrance in three words, I'd use: Elegant, Confident, and Timeless. This was one of the first perfumes to be layered with aldehydes which provides an airy quality.


Next, we have Si Eau de Parfum by Giorgio Armani, ranked number 11 on Harper's Bazaar list of the best perfumes. A soft scent with a sweet and strong floral base. It has a fruity start with a vanilla-tinged base to close out the Mediterranean-inspired experience. I would pair this fragrance with the following occasions:

  • Intimate gathering, date, museum, art gallery, wedding, or bridal shower

You can also find this fragrance in Ulta, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue with a price range of $25-$102. Very reasonable for the quality, scent and look of this fragrance. This fragrance is a staple piece as it captures your feminine spirit and can be very enchanting.


Lastly, we have Chance by Chanel ranked number 2 on Harper's Bazaar list. I would describe this scent as a mild mix of heavy and soft. It has a floral base of iris and jasmine with a pink pepper, adding a touch of spice. I absolutely love this fragrance for almost any casual setting. I would pair this fragrance with the following occasions:

  • Birthday party, dance party, dinner party, game night, or even a day/night in the city.

You can find this fragrance at your local Ulta or Walmart with a price point of $142-$146. Another luxury fragrance that heightens and maximizes your appeal, your look and style with its mesmerizing scent. If you want to feel like your life is put together, you have a solid career, all your bills are paid and you are just living in the present moment, this is the fragrance for you.

If you want more options on the best fragrances of all time, check out the reference at the very bottom and tell me which fragrances are your favorites in the comments. Can you also guess which fragrance I'm wearing in the photo below? I'll give you a hint, it's a casual setting and the occasion was a photoshoot.

Reference: Harper's Bazaar. "The 19 Best Perfumes of All Time." December 2021. Lindy Segal. The 19 Best Perfumes for Women - Best Fragrances 2022 (

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