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We Did It! - The Ultimate Self-Care Sunday Recap


When the attendees enjoy the event and have nothing but positive feedback about the experience, that's a win! When my client is satisfied with the outcome of the event, that's a win! The only L's I took from this experience were Lessons. I am truly grateful for this experience, and I am extremely satisfied with the turn out.

I've learned so many new skills, new strategies, new approaches that will allow me to level up in business and provide an improved experience for clients. I've gained new business connections that expanded my professional network. I've gained more confidence to introduce myself, my business and my client's vision (if need be) to potential sponsors. I've learned how to build my own event onboarding system through my website, onboard contractors and freelancers, design brunch tables, and so much more.

My client and I started planning the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday event since the beginning of 2022. Click here to read my first introduction of the event to my audience. My client had the vision for the event and came to me with the solution to plan and coordinate the event. She told me that her organization already hosts Self-Care Sunday yoga & mediation classes, and this event will be the Ultimate experience of that. On our consultation call, we discussed her vision from beginning to end, we thought about different strategies to execute said vision, and we discussed her goals.

Since the beginning, my client and I were thrilled about the event and we both knew it would take everything in our power to pull it off. It takes a lot to plan an event because you have to committed to the vision from start to finish. You can't give up halfway, you have to remain consistent and persistent. Part of my job is to help you stay organized throughout the planning process.

We started the event planning process with a kick-off call. I presented an initial timeline of events describing what needs to be done first, second and so forth. We had weekly and bi-weekly calls to discuss updates, ideas, opportunities, etc. All the information exchanged was documented and shared amongst all key players. We had a system in place to keep us both on track and organized.

Together, my client and I scouted venues, developed the event concept, theme, a draft budget, and outlined specific goals. We outsourced a graphic designer to create our flyer and graphics for the event. We outsourced a Publicist to gain media attention for the event. We also created our own brunch table decor due to financial constraints with the budget. There was so much technical planning and coordination that it's too much to write about in one blog.

However, during this process, I've learned so many new strategies. I understand that not everyone has the financial means to plan an event, let alone hire an event planner. So, I created an eBook that provides top notch planning tips and beneficial tools on how to plan a successful event without hiring an event planner. You would think I was putting myself out of practice with all the information I've shared. But that's not the case. I'm simply preparing you for the realities and logistics around planning your own event.

The eBook will be released on Friday, November 25th with a special Black Friday deal. And you're the first to know about it!

Check out more photos of the Ultimate Self-Care Sunday event here.

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