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We're in a recession but you need this...

So, I closed on my second house in July 2022. I sold my first house because I simply could not afford the mortgage alone. Years later, I practically have the same mortgage, but I can actually afford it. This time period that I'm experiencing is such a beautiful feeling of growth, both financial and personal.

Even though I can afford the mortgage for my new home, I have to put myself on a budget because your girl has plans. I have big goals for this property and in order for me to accomplish these goals, I have to put myself on a strict budget for the next 6 months to a year. Will you join me? Starting in September, I will be utilizing my Budget Template 2.0 in order to reduce my current debt and rebuild my savings. I do not have a specific number in mind for my savings. I just want my current debt to be under my savings balance. That's my first target. What will be yours?

Once I hit my first target, then we can move on to the next goal, which I will share once I complete my first. Slow and steady wins the race. Especially now that we are in a recession, I am definitely sticking to my budget template to also prepare me for rainy days.

So far, I've shared my goal and my timeline for the budget template. Both of these are very important to know before utilizing the budget template. If you're new to budgeting, don't worry! The template will walk you through how to be a successful user, explaining the preliminary steps and helping you tackle financial obstacles.

Purchase your copy today so that we can both start our journey next month. I will be doing a check-in at the end of the year to show my progress and to see yours!

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