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What You Don't Know About DJ As An Event Planner

When people hear the words 'event planner,' they think weddings, birthday parties, travel trips and corporate planning. All of this is true but it's not true for me. In fact, I do not enjoy planning weddings or birthday parties. I have the education and capability to plan them but I do not enjoy the stress and headache that comes along with it. My niche is to serve the artistic community; curating ideas into events; transforming visionary thoughts into real life experiences; helping people manage their finances to execute their events. Even if you aren't a business owner but you have an idea to bring people together for a workshop, social event or a showcase, I am the person you would hire. Although I am capable of planning weddings, my passion is working with creatives and supporting entrepreneurs in my community.

I've curated art shows that expose the undiscovered artists in the community. I've supported influencers on curating workshop events that serve the community in an impactful way. I help plan all the logistics of your ideas, I ensure you aren't missing a beat within your project, I ensure you are aware of your estimated spend, I manage the communications for all key players and more. My point is I am a visionary thinker that can turn your ideas into profit dollars. As a freebie, here are five event ideas you can plan for your business.

5 Event Ideas
Download PDF • 3.62MB

For more information on how I can help organize your thoughts, your ideas, your visions and your project, schedule a consultation call and pick my brain.


Client Corner

On Sunday, November 6th 2022, A Healthier You, Inc. will be hosting the first Ultimate Self-Care Sunday event at the Creative Saints Loft in Hyattsville, MD. If you are interested in learning more about this event, how you can become a vendor, and how you can become an in-kind sponsor, please contact

Vendor applications can be found here. If you are interested in in-kind sponsorships or event sponsorships, please contact DJ's EP directly.


What's New With DJ's EP?

We are back on track this week for Office Hours. Thank you for the words of encouragement and the well wishes for our Founder and CEO.

Join us this Wednesday, May 11th for the next Office Hour. Be sure you grab your copy of How To Save $10k with The Budget Template and pick my brain for FREE on Instagram Live. I will be answering your questions specifically related to The Budget Template. If you would like more one on one time, send me a copy of your order number to confirm your purchase and we will schedule a FREE consultation call. Send us a message here.

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