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Why Hire An Event Planner

Have you ever attended an event and it turned out to be an ultimate disaster? Have you ever planned a party for yourself, a friend or family member and you felt like the turnout could have been better? What about going to a party and the DJ just didn't read the room well. How about being overcharged to attend an event and not really experiencing the value you expected? All of these terrible incidents can be prevented with the professional help of an event planner. When most people take on the challenge of planning an event, they will forget key elements of curating small and complex events. For instance, setting a budget is the most important element of event planning. Knowing how much you are willing to invest, knowing how much you would like in return, is an essential step and the first of many.

If you are any of the following characteristics described below, you should consult with an event planner before executing your event:

  • Unorganized with planning out your ideas and organizing the steps to take to execute your idea.

  • Impulsive with your actions in spending, announcing ideas to the public, and moving in a rapid pace without pause.

  • Procrastinator in launching ideas, taking action, planning ahead and coordination.


Behind the scenes of DJ's EP

This past Saturday, I had a work session/CEO day with my best friend. We spent 5 whole hours dedicating space and time to work ON the business. Some people do not realize that they are spending most of their time working in the business. Meaning, we post on our social feeds, work with clients, attend meetings, answering emails, etc. Working on the business means to perform the administrative tasks and responsibilities that you have put off, scheduling brand photoshoots, updating your website and business processes.

Here are some of the tasks I worked on during my CEO Work Day session:

  1. Client Work. I started my session wrapping up some work and goals I wanted to accomplish for my client.

  2. Content. I planned and mapped out my #30DaysofContent Challenge for June. In efforts to celebrate my birthday month, I'm challenging myself and other creative entrepreneurs to dedicate a full month of time, patience and hard work towards their passion.

  3. Proposal Writing. I drafted a proposal after having a consultation with a potential client.

I was able to get so much work done and prepare my mindset for the week ahead. The best part about the CEO work session was having a best friend and accountability partner there by my side. I encourage every entrepreneur and creative to find a support group or person to help motivate you and for you to help motivate others.

Check out the recap video of the entire day here on our TikTok page. Give us a follow and leave us a comment.

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