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Will You Be Our Valentine?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

February has always been known as the month of love. The one month of the year that you do not want to be single. Or at least the month to make sure you have great girlfriends if you are single. At DJ’s EP, we are here to tell you that February is so much more than a month meant for flowers and cards. First and foremost, February is Black History Month. A month to celebrate our ancestors, our culture, our blackness. This is the one month we can unapologetically embrace who we are and brag about our history. February is also a month of reflection. With February being the second month of the year, it is a month to step back and review the progress of your New Year’s resolutions. You may have already fallen off of your goals to go to the gym, start that business, or pick up a new hobby, but this is the time to refocus. You can ask yourself “What is working for me?” “What do I need to do differently?” “I like what I have done so far, but how can I go to the next level?” Once you have answered those questions, you can step back and enjoy all the magical things that February has to offer. Regardless of your relationship status, this is the month to focus on growth, development, and making sure the rest of the year is full of success and happiness. I challenge you to ask yourself: "What does February mean to me?" The possibilities are endless!

What's New with DJ's EP?

One word: REBRAND. Rebranding, by definition, is the creation of a new look or feel for an established product or company. A few benefits of rebranding are to connect with a wider audience, stay current, and reflect new goals, offers, and values. DJ’s EP is so excited to announce that we will be rebranding our current design. With rebranding comes a breath of fresh air and a blank canvas to take the business to the next level. Don’t be nervous, DJ’s EP will still be working with clients and offering above and beyond service for all your creative and event needs. Make sure you are subscribed to be one of the first to check out our new look!

Client Corner

One of my favorite things to do at DJ’s EP is meet new potential clients, continue to build relationships with current clients, and above all, show off my client’s success. It’s such an amazing thing that throughout a pandemic, DJ’s EP has still managed to bring on new clients and plan events that follow all safety guidelines. We're excited to announce that we are currently planning an event scheduled in November. Stay tuned for more information and the official save the date!

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