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You're Missing Out!

"Don't be afraid your life will end; be afraid it will never begin" - Grace Hansen

Have you recently attended a live art show, music festival or concert? If not, your fear of missing out has come true. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the world has been on a standstill as far as social events. We were all required to wear masks and appear unrecognizable. We were required to remain at least 6ft apart and reduce the number of human interactions. We remained that way for two very long years. Although there has been no permanent solution, we remain unbroken and creative more than ever. We have figured out ways to bring people together virtually and still feel the connection of teamwork, friendship and support.

Now it's time to go back outside, with your protection of course. Re-engage with your community and enjoy the fruits of your labor, enjoy being in the moment. Be spontaneous. Be in the creative flow that keeps you inspired and motivated to pursue whatever your heart desires. Trust me, it'll be worth it. As an event planner, I see, experience and live on the backend of the party. I experience the pain and pleasure of putting all the event puzzle pieces together in order to curate an unforgettable vibe. There is no greater feeling than being a witness to the talent, energy, support, and creative entrepreneurship right in your community. Check out Art Undiscovered 3 from August 2019 BC (Before COVID):

Amid pandemic, the value of friendships, in-person connections and creative events hold a lot more weight than ever seen before. Even during inflation when ticket prices, gas and everything else has gone up, the experience of being amongst friends, new opportunities, potential business partners, make it all worth the financial sacrifice.

Don't worry, DJ's EP won't allow you to miss out any further. We've got your back with all the summer events, workshops, art showcases and more. Stay connected with us as we curate the most amazing and creative events you'll ever experience. If you want more exclusive insight on how to be a vendor, in-kind sponsor or an event sponsor, contact me today.

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