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Your Fear Is Holding You Back

If there is one thing you should do before leaving this blog, it's watching the video in this post. Even if you don't feel like reading the entire blog, watch this video and it will give you fuel, it will break you down in tears, but it will give you mental strength.

There are many gems discussed in this video. Here are a few that really stood out and broke me down:

- "The reason why a lot of people won't become who they want is because they are too attached to who they have been."

- "You want someone to celebrate you more than you celebrate yourself"

- "Your human spirit doesn't care about the economy.... Your human spirit simply says, What's our command for tomorrow? What do you want to create?"

Please watch the video in full to really grasp the message. There is one part where the speaker talks about being at the edge of a cliff and being afraid to jump. She says that your brain will always tell you to step back because you can get hurt. Yet, we truly don't know what's on the opposite side of that possibility of jumping. So, there is a battle between the brain and your soul. Your brain is designed to keep you safe, but your heart and soul is designed to make you flourish, soar and progress. The speaker also mentions three possibilities, you're either going to jump and fly, jump and fall on something hard or soft but either way you WILL get back up again.

This next gem is what brought tears to my eyes because why is this lady speaking directly to me? She says, "your greatest fear is not that you will fall, but you will live a full life and never fly. You're not afraid of dying, you're afraid of dying before the world sees who you really are, before they really get your fingerprint, before they really feel your breath, before they really get your contribution..." I will save the last gem for your ears.

In the past, fear has held me back from making so many decisions, executing plans, and more. I was afraid that I would make the wrong choice, make the wrong move, lose thousands of dollars, and just ultimately become a failure. But how can I rob myself of not even trying and seeing the other side of what's possible? Like the speaker said, I could have jumped and flew, jumped and fell hard or soft. But either way I would've been ok.

You can come up and out from ANYTHING. It takes mental exercise and strength to get up every day and make a choice, break a habit, create new habits, or pursue your dreams. We can't be afraid of the hard work, we can't be afraid of the failures, we can't let the "what-ifs" stop us from making a choice.

If you've read my other blog, How I Saved My First $10,000, you would know that I purchased my first home in 2018 that I could NOT afford. I was struggling trying to pay the mortgage and I felt defeated after selling my home. Since then, I moved to an apartment in Silver Spring where I found the mental strength to revamp my business. I revamped my website, learned new skills and mapped out a few events. I never executed those events because I was afraid and made excuses for myself. I wanted to move to a new city, but I was afraid and making even more excuses. Finally, the rent price and my job made me move into another apartment in Baltimore. Since then, my life has changed for the better! I found a new love for an old passion, I found love (who is also an Event Planner), I found new clients, new partnerships, a new HOUSE, new food spots, and more.

The point is, make that move. If the decision came up in your head, or if the idea popped in your mind and it's burning your gut, then make that move. Fear is irrelevant. Good things and bad things will happen, but YOU will manage, and YOU will be ok. Everything happens for a reason, as it should, when it should and how it should. You just need to play your part and not let fear hold you back. In the words of one of my favorite books, The Alchemist, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.


If you are looking into ways to unwind and unravel the chaos in your mind, check out the journals in my store. These journals are perfect for non-perfect writing and doodling. It's a dotted journal, no lines, meaning creative freedom! Enjoy!

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