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DJ 的集体

DJ's Collective 是一个由来自不同背景和艺术媒介的创意人组成的网络。这个机会为所有会员提供曝光、贩卖和免费商业资源。 

T. Ali (Artist)

Baltimore continues to birth talent after talent and T.Ali (born Tariq Ali) is no exception to this. With a wide range to his sound T.Ali captures what it means to be an artist. What do you need? T.Ali can produce your hit, smash a verse, write a hook and then bring it all together in one session, a rarity these days. All of this was born in T.Ali’s youth, playing multiple instruments and studying the complexities of melodies. These talents have only evolved as T.Ali progresses in his career, working with a grip of artists and releasing his own music. While the Baltimore standout’s tenure is just beginning, he’s already captured a variety of crowds with his eclectic approach to the music.
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