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November 2022

Voyage baltimore

July 2022

empower baltimore & godaddy

July 2022

Jeremiah's Planning Presents: Meet The CEO featuring DJ's EP

December 2020

The Well-Rounded Woman Project

November 2019

Hosted by the DMV's talented Media and Content Producer, the Well-Rounded Woman project featured FIVE amazing, black women which aimed to address the imbalances between women and men in the professional and personal worlds. Throughout this interview feature, we exposed the societal pressures and expectations placed on women and discussed how to truly survive and prosper in a

male- dominated world.

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Collaborating with other creatives, graphic designers and entrepreneurs is one of my favorite hobbies and personal interests. Designing the most elaborative pieces of work with others makes the world more fun and colorful. Creativity is my passion and sharing it with others only makes the experience that much better. 

- DeShawna Jones


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