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"Connecting ideas to what's possible"
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    Pick my brain on a 45 minute Zoom call & tell me about your project.

    45 min
    50 US dollars

DJ's event planning process


The Consultation

The consultation, commonly referred to as the "Visioning session," aims to bring order to the current situation and transform it into a meticulously crafted and strategic event plan. Throughout the visioning session, we will thoroughly examine the questionnaire that has been transmitted to you during the booking of the consultation. You will be requested to complete the associated form in advance of the consultation call, as it will serve as the central focus and the framework for our discussion. Following the formulation of a preliminary project plan, I will proceed to draft a proposal that encapsulates your concepts, the event, and your requirements. This proposal will encompass the range of services I can offer to fulfill your event-related needs.


DJ's EP takes great pride in the resources offered to cater to my clients' requirements. We invite you to peruse our testimonial page to gain insight into the experiences of others who have engaged in DJ's EP Visioning sessions.

Event Planning Services

My Event Planning services are structured with a lump sum fee, which is determined based on the proposal and the eventual executed contract. Following each consultation call, DJ's EP will provide detailed proposals to outline the event's objectives and the specific services required from me and my team. The pricing structure may fluctuate according to factors such as the client's timeline, specific requests, and the intricacy of the event in question. Any additional services beyond the scope of DJ's EP's standard offerings will be classified as "Additional" or "Consultation Services," each of which will entail supplementary fees on top of the base service charges.

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